Our Games

Kadka Games produces truly unique products, concentrating on crafting the best gaming experience. 

We design games that captivate and establish new trends.

Lazy Jump 3D

🙃 Slide, stumble, flip and flail your way through endless levels in this hyper-casual, hyper-entertaining physics-based puzzle game.


Tug and twist at the matted tangle until eventually something snaps and a pair of cubes break free.

Fork N Sausage

Feeling hungry? Better get that sausage on your fork then. But it’s not that simple in this flippin’ crazy puzzle game that’s stuffed with action, humor, and grin-inducing fun.

Handy Craft

Solve puzzles on a way to your cozy place.

Enjoy the best handicraft game of 2021!

Build your house in dozens of ASMR tasks.


You are working as a stuntman and every new day you have a new work that will never make you feel bored.

NERF Epic Pranks! 

The NERF battle is ON! 

Can you Tag everyone without being caught?  Grab your Nerf Blaster and Prank 'em all!